The Hotelier
Hey, your least favorite band(Modern Baseball) and your favorite band(The Wonder Years) are playing a gig together tonight in Worcester, are you coming?

wanted to see those guys while they were in town but no I’m not going

What is the tuning for housebroken?

Standard capo first fret or (what we do) Standard Half step down capo second fret

Your lead singer looks like the lead singer of Mayday Parade.

he probably dresses better

Will you guys ever?

working on it

I can't seem to find CD's of your guys music anywhere. Do you guys not put them in CD form?

yeah we haven’t yet

you guys criticize fireworks for being a pop band but arent you guys a pop band? i mean your styles are pretty similar whether you like to think so or not

first, saying I don’t feel anything when listening to a style of music isn’t a criticism. it’s not even negative. second, we are most definitely a pop band. third, I haven’t spent any time with their albums to speak to our similarities. but the two songs on the triple crown soundcloud that I listened to have a lot of parts I could never write for songs.


*nods in acknowledgement*

what are some of the biggest influences on your songwriting for the new record?

Someone said the Your Deep Rest riff sounds like Ashlee Simpson “Pieces of Me”.

just curious, what do you think of the band Fireworks?

pretty indifferent. i don’t feel anything from that kind of dancey pop band style. i remember that in like 2006 they were on frogballs top 8.

I know bands probably hate questions like this but I just found out that I missed you guys last time you were here and in devastated. What are the chances of another Ottawa show this year?

probably a thing we will swing